Tuesday, September 18, 2007


WEETU Takes First Place at HD Boutique in Miami!

Sometimes it pays to not sleep. After noticing a call for entries about a week prior to the entries being due, and only deciding to go for it 36 hours prior to the deadline, WEETU put all the thoughts and inspiration they have collected from years of travel and design to create “the MoMotel.”

(press release)
WEETU designers' revolutionary MoMotel(c) is cutting-edge; eco-friendly.

(MIAMI) Sept. 18, 2007 -- WEETU CORP. design studio debuts The
MoMotel(c), a modern, eco-friendly lodging alternative for everyday
travelers, at the Hospitality Design Boutique Exposition & Conference,
September 18,19 in the Miami Beach Convention Center, where nearly
3,800 attendees and 750 exhibitors will gather to view new design
talent and radical innovation.

'When it comes to innovation, WEETU says no way to creating just
another luxury hotel, and hello to The MoMotel: a stylish,
eco-friendly place where the American masses can eat, sleep, and
connect with local culture," says Carly Cannell, President, who entered
The MoMotel concept in the conference's Radical Innovation Competition.

The MoMotel shatters the traditional notion of chain motels,
transforming roadside lodging into regional cultural hotspots,
attracting music, art and film events to different areas across the
map. Building off structural exteriors of existing cookie-cutter
motels, The MoMotels are wrapped in durable mesh imprinted with
eye-catching location-specific graphic images which highlight the
history and natural terrain of individual locations.

"Motels across America plead, 'Please hide me!'" says Cannell. "So we
recycle those ugly branded boxes into architectural roadside attractions,
wrapping the exteriors with graphically printed skins that allow the structure
to visually adapt to their natural context."

The MoMotel includes eco-friendly features such as implementing green
roofs landscaped with indigenous plants, recycled specifications for
interior finishes and use of biodegradable supplies. Healthy food
options include vegetarian and vegan meals. The MoMotel conserves
space and caters to needs of diverse travelers; rooms come in
different sizes: MiniMo, MoMo and Big Mo.

"We downsize unneeded elements of traditional motel room space,
eliminating unnecessary components while upgrading the environment's
look, feel and most of all, function," says Linda Wallack, Vice
President. "WEETU approaches the MoMotel concept from users' needs."

Affordable pricing is geared towards entrepreneurs (business travelers
with minimal budgets), adventurers (weekend travelers wanting to check
out a new cities, music, art, culture), retired vacationers
(conservative with funds and don't want an over-abundance of luxury)
and business travelers (frequently on the road, wanting to stay away
from the heart of the city and instead closer to the local scene).

"Low budget shouldn't mean lowly lodging," says Cannell. "The MoMotel
is cultural and classy."

Radical Innovation Competition finalists will be announced at the
conference. The winner will be revealed on September 19 at 2pm EST and
receive a $5,000 cash prize.

WEETU, founded in 2007, is a design studio, which focuses upon
radically transforming spaces, products and brand identities.

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