Saturday, March 1, 2008

WEETU presents: In-Flight with CarJor Air

WEETU sponsored the "Carjor Air-Tour of Love" cocktail lounge event, featuring “The Submarine Races.”

Guests, including several talented designers, architects and artists, unite in Chicago to celebrate the launch of CarJor Air. WEETU set the stage for the event of the year by transforming 4000 SF of raw loft space into a lively and dynamic in-flight experience.

The designers and crew had 6 hours to seamlessly install all décor, lighting and equipment. On time for boarding, fashionably styled guests arrived to the wintry warehouse district welcomed to a warm, sparkling oasis with gorgeous skyline views and cutting edge surroundings. The design centered around a glowing white inflatable dome that served as the dj booth and band shell. Flight attendants kept guests satiated and spirited throughout the evening, serving delicious gourmet hors d’oeuvres and cocktails and always reminding guests to enjoy their flight. A special guest appearance by the Chicago indie band “the Submarine Races” was the climax of the evening, as guests hit the floor with full energy. The event was described as "the party of the year" – even though it was only March. Everyone was able to capture the evening in the CarJor Air photo booth and de-plane with a commemorative designed poster (by Paul John Higgins) . Special thanks to all those who participated and attended.

Poster Illustrator: Paul John Higgins
Band: The Submarine Races My Space page
Flowers by Thinking Outside the Pot
Catering: Aaron and Bernice Osherowitz
Photography: Tyler Mallory, Linda Hesh
Inflate “luna”: Inflate USA, Ron Howell – 323.446.8690 x 200

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