Tuesday, August 5, 2008

GreenWashing gone wild - WEETU style!

What may look like a perverse intermingling of sport, or perhaps a color inspiration palette, is really just a scaled image to demonstrate what's growing in our gardens!! Daniel, of the weetu crew, spent nearly all of last week bragging about the giant cucumber and marveling at why/how it could be so big!! Both proud and intimidated by his accidental creation, Daniel kept promising the cucumber to us in different ways at different times. First, he promised to sacrifice his giant cucumber to Carly's Juiceman Jr., and moments later, offering Linda the cucumber for a salad she was making. This continued all week, though he never produced the cucumber. Until finally he sent the picture. "Wow! That is big", we thought.

Finally he sent the picture. "Wow! That is big!", we thought.

But seriously - what is happening in that garden?? Are we subject to genetically modified gardens in the city? Too many Doritos bags, Big Gulps and cigarette butts decomposing in our soil? We know this is a kept, but not overly pampered garden - only a hands toss from the urban sidewalks of Logan Square. How did that soil produce such a genetically modified cucumber? Is this just another American phenomenon where everything is "just" getting bigger?

In contemplative moments such as these we ask The Google. What is the first search result for "giant cucumber"?
It seems hundreds of men and woman want to know how they too can grow a big cucumber, such as DST and his inquisitive wife:
Anyone ever try to grow a giant cucumber? What variety would be best? My wife wanted me to ask.
We learned there are many hopeful gardeners who wish the "everything I'm growing will be giant vegetables". Wow!
We also learned that you can purchase the "garden oddity seed pak" from Seedman.com, boasting of all the giant vegetables you can achieve.

Daniel won't admit to this purchase although he continues to grow giant cucumbers. Next up - huge tomatoes.
We can't wait for that image!

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