Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Milan milan solo con te. Milan milan sempre per te.

Our friend Irakli Kiziria shared some of his favorites from the Salone Internazionale de Mobile. His standout fave was Martin Margiela. You may know that Margiela has a sweet cooperation with Diesel. These pics are from the press pack. Table legs as tables, shelving brackets as shelving, doors as carpets. Despite everthing being white, it looks far from sterile, and mostly avoids the furniture barn or haunted house look.

I liked his Kartell pics, as I usually find what they do to be very playful. Various characters were printed on thick plush carpet that hung from the ceiling and dropped cool shadows on their respective walls. Here the tattewed dewds. Elsewhere whirling dervishes and acrobats. And oh, Kartell is in bed with Barbie now too. That cougar slut.

grüße aus Deutschland.... and more about Irakli Kiziria at www.designprovocation.com

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