Thursday, April 2, 2009

"WEETU's on a Mexican - woah - Radio"

No, it's not a Wall of Voodoo-1982 cover band. WEETU launched a new
marketing and ad campaign for Illinois Coalition of Immigrant and
Refugee Rights (ICIRR) this month focused on encouraging legal
pathways to U.S. citizenship. The first part of this multil-lingual,
multi-year initiative will air throughout Chicagoland airwaves via
UNIVISION's family of radio stations. Collaborators include Martin
Nelson as editor and Jorge Orozco-Cordero ( as
Project Director. As reflected by its tagline of "Protect the Life
You Know (Protéje la Vida que Conoces)," the overall campaign concept
touches upon the real concerns that U.S Legal Permanent Residents
have around their tenuous U.S. residential status.

Below are fifteen-second and thirty-second Spanish versions of the
radio spots:


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