Monday, June 22, 2009

Damn, this town is cool

As if the "bean" wasn't enough to entertain us for hours, one of the new Burnham Pavilions by UnStudio opened on Friday, June 19. A couple of us scooted down there in between rain storms Friday to check it out. It's pretty sweet. Although it's supposed to be enjoyed by all as an interactive piece, it was difficult not to cringe when witnessing a traffic jam of baby strollers spinning around on the pavilion's incredibly white whiteness. We ended up being too lazy to come back later in the evening for the opening party, but really wanted to see Daniel Sauter's interactive lighting program. That will be a treat on a warm summer night's bike ride.

The Zaha Pavilion is on a little delay due to an issue with the skin, but the framework is up.
Find more info at the Burnham Centennial website.

Designed by Ben van Berkel (UNStudio, Amsterdam) and Zaha Hadid (London) represent the centerpieces of the Burnham Plan Centennial, installed from June 19 until October 31 2009 on the South Chase Promenade (next to the bridge leading into the Modern Wing of the Art Institute).

Architect of Record: Garofalo Arcitects, Inc.
Fabricator: Third Coast Construction (nice job guys)
Interactive Lighting Concept: Daniel Sauter
School of Architecture: University of Illinois at Chicago
Structural Engineer: Rockey Structures

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