Monday, July 6, 2009

move over bier bike, there's a new ride in town

There's nothing like turning a corner in the west village only to stumble upon the greatest invention ever (at the time) - stripper pole tricycle. I mean, wow!! Weetu made some inquiries to discover A) yes, it's rentable. B) no they couldn't take our $20 to go around the block because C) they were about to start an event at 9pm. Evidently, everyone was waiting for "Marla" to show up and for the night to kick in so the lights would show up better

Waiting for our outdoor table to open up across the street, we waited anxiously for the show to begin. Here's a clip of the launch:

Later in the evening, when we retreated to the new Standard outdoor courtyard, Carly was enjoying the night so much that she muttered "only Marla on her stripper pole riding into the plaza could make this more perfect"... and just moments later they rode by... the tricycle still pulling her on her pole. Impressed by her athleticism and endurance, we applauded with the rest of the witnesses. Carly, feeling magical, made some additional wishes quickly... but they didn't come true - YET.

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  1. This COULD be combined with Bier Bike, no?


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