Saturday, April 17, 2010


DAY 3- SPARKLY + SMELLS LIKE ART from weeTV on Vimeo.

Today we hit the ground running – covering Designer's Block, Droog, Ventura Lambrate and the remainder of Zona Tortona. Let's skip to the highlights (as our feet and livers need soaking). Ventura Lambrate was excellent – so much to see and certainly the most variety with an experiment of art, furniture and design. Lambrate is considered the most up-and-coming zones of quality design. To us it felt the most intimate, as if we stumbled along a great little secret area – yet everybody knows about it.

Zona Tortona is more like the designers version of Mardi Gras. The streets are packed with aggressive show goers who only slow down to consume a beverage or two between showrooms and shops. The clear gem was Swarovski's Crystal Palace. We've never seen such a demonstration of sparkle (and if you know weetu, that's saying a lot). It was something to awe and, oddly enough, we were a little wobbly coming out of there as if we fell down the rabbit's hole. It was also a nice palette cleanser from playing a human instrument at the Royal College of Art a few moments earlier. What seemed like neutral vinyl upholstered pads, to our dismay, turned out to be naked boy backs. You'll have to see the video to get the visual.

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  1. looks fabulous.. keep the videos coming.. show us all the cool stuff- laurie rubin


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