Monday, October 25, 2010

wash-n-go monday

Nothing in life is free... and today my lovely German host put me to work. After a full day of collaborating on the exhibition, domestic duties had to be conquered. The bank, the bio-market, and the dreaded laundry.

Scouring the products at a foreign grocery store is one of my favorite tourist past times. Not only do the type of products fascinate me, but the variety of packaging design is always entertaining. Today, however, the product winner at the bio-market was chosen for it's hilarious name, not so much the packaging.

Next, we wheeled the laundry to the laundry cleaning establishment place. There was a lot to figure out, but with the help of graphic descriptions and red wine, the tasks were successfully achieved.

Between loads, Frau Schneider and I strolled the grounds of the nearby university. The sun was low, the joggers high, the cyclists FAST! I feigned intellectual for a moment while pretending to read Helen's Dostoyevsky book.

Signing out with a film short...

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