Tuesday, November 8, 2011

wee dined, wee designed- but not in that order

weetu and ERG International teamed up for a reflective collaboration at this years Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA) Dining By Design Chicago Benefit at the Merchandise Mart (November 3–5, 2011). This weekend long event included a cocktail party, public/student viewing and a gala dinner.

This seamless partnership resulted in a highly celebrated design that not only integrated ERG's manufacturing capabilities, but multiple talents from the weetu zoo. "Our main objective was to not only create a unique experience, but also tie into DIFFA's mission", states weetu Carly.

The concept:

From Narcissus’s doomed love of his own reflection to the mirror veiling tradition in preventing the recently departed from staying on earth to Hitchcock’s complex set of infinitely reflecting mirrors in the mother's bedroom of “Psycho,” the mirror has long been a symbolic element of self-reflective searching into one’s inner psyche and at times other worldly realms.

weetu/ERG’s Dining by Design concept utilized a canopy of reflective surfaces to create an environment of altered perspectives, thus reinforcing the shifting views of people living positive and our society’s ever changing perception of AIDS.

The video projected (created by weetu zoo's Tyler, Jorge and Martin) was to give the impression of hiding in one's medicine cabinet, watching as individuals prepare themselves for the outside world. (Thanks to actors Michael Bever, Daniel Knobloch, Renate Martin and Fawzia Mirza-You guys rocked!)

Also thanks to Claudia Peebles for bringing ERG & weetu together; Rode Bros for lending the gorgeous flooring and all the weetu peeps for continued collaboration, play and enthusiasm.

For more info on the event and to view other fantastic designs, check out online coverage by BizBash and Chicago Shopping.

(all weetu photos by Tyler Mallory Photography - copyright 2011)

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