Wednesday, October 17, 2012

designprovocation + weetu workshop


(Chicago) Chicago/New York design firm weetu to unite forces with Berlin based DesignProvocation.  The product development and design labs of ‘weetu workshop’ formal collaboration with DesignProvocation positions both firms toward a new means of cultural production.  

DesignProvocation is a German-based interdisciplinary studio founded by Irakli Kiziria; a network of international professionals working in the fields of art, design, architecture, and research.  DesignProvocation pseudo-objects, products and concepts have circulated on the viral global front, tinged with under-stated humor, and inspiring new perspectives of our cultural and consumer landscapes. 

Carly Cannell, weetu founder, “This merging of efforts and ideas is a thrilling physical expansion of weetu into the European market. I’ve long admired DesignProvocation’s bold creative thinking and design risk-taking. Irakli is [not] just an architect and designer. He’s a DJ, trendsetter, and social icon. The clear differences of each workshop both strengthen and complement one another. It's a great opportunity and we already have several concepts in the works. I look forward to this long term experiment and our new Berlin presence.”

DesignProvocation recently won a design competition for creating original wallpaper, available at Jeder M2 DU. The collection, called “Family Wallpaper” comes in Family Basic, Family Love and Family War. 

When asked, why this cross-Atlantic alliance? “We like to work with interesting people/professionals we know and trust," says Kiziria, "Call it a flux of social, cultural, geographical, economic and political phenomena. [Together] our studios can overcome geographical and cultural boundaries, while creating new ways of looking at the world around us.  We look forward to this alliance as it will strengthen and unite our ideation teams, further expanding the breadth of what we bring to the world, and with intent, make it a better place.“

about weetu
weetu is a design firm specializing in architecture and branding with offices in Chicago and New York.  Since its founding in 2007, weetu has worked across disciplinary boundaries – bringing together experienced creative professionals from distinct backgrounds – to generate new methods, ideas and products as real solutions for real problems.

Inventive solutions are developed through a design process revolving around the concept of “collaborative play.”  It is through this hands-on approach that weetu's skilled teams are able to envision and explore ideas free of construct or limitation, while still grounding their work in the expertise derived from years spent within their respective fields.   

For additional information on weetu please visit, e-mail at, call (312) 624-9592. Follow us on Twitter @weetu

about designprovocation
designprovocation is a German-based interdisciplinary studio and a network of international professionals working in different fields of creative industry. 

For more information, please visit

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