Thursday, January 10, 2013

weetu thousand thirteen

Entering into weetu’s sssixth year, it is no surprise that it happens to coincide with the year of the snake. The Snake is the most complex force in the 12-year zodiac cycle and as history tells us the Snake Year is anything but tranquil. 

So after a year that saw the opening of weetu’s NY office extending it’s architectural reach; selection to help lead Chicago into its cultural future; the creation and launch of national message, brand and ad campaigns for some the largest non-profit organizations, the birth of a global design collaboration with Berlin’s own DesignProvocation and the release of weetu’s flatpack “plantlamp” product, 2013 is primed to be a year full of energized projects and inspired accomplishments.

So in other words it’s always best to keep your eye on the snake and, of course, weetu.

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