Wednesday, March 6, 2013

gimme gimme more

Weetu Kevin attended an interesting panel discussion at the end of February entitled "Gimme More: Is Augmented Reality the Next Medium?"

To envision a future with augmented reality, while eliminating the frame through which we view it, is an intensely interesting idea.  The frame is typically a tablet or smart phone through which the view is augmented. How do wee eliminate the frame entirely? (See link for panelists).  Carla Diana, Johnathan Lee and Christiane Paul contributed to a lively conversation.  

The idea of augmented reality, and the integration into our daily living, is on the cusp of becoming mainstream.  With the release of Google Glass, and other concepts in the making, the possibilities of information access multiply exponentially.  These new modalities will in turn require new skills; how to decide to filter information, what should our level of exposure be to unlimited data, etc. weetuers ask: how can these concepts and technologies be absorbed into the design process, whether the output be digital or physical?  Stay tuned!

Carla is a designer at Smart Design in NYC.  Christiane is rooted in academics; Associate professor at the School of Media Studies at the New School, and Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts at the Whitney.  Johnathan, formerly of 2x4, leads a team at Google UXA, developing Google Glass and all of its implications.  

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