Tuesday, March 19, 2013

wee want shoes

Store Exterior in Soho
 weetu, in collaboration with Armand Graham Architecture, was invited to create a proposal for a new prototype boutique shop for an athletic shoe company.  The request was to infuse the store with local relevant context [Soho, NYC], as well as to accomodate their existing brand standards. The design translated aspects from the logo into 3 dimensional forms that functions as interior spaces for the displaying of product.  A large glass wall incorporates a visual history of the company, as well as a touch screen area that invites customers to interact with a runners network to share information, experiences and training regimens with other remote users.  Inspired by the locale of Soho, we developed a concept that allows the boutique to host and participate in the Manhattan cultural and athletic scene alike.
View of Retail Display from Entrance

Localization Art Installation Zone and Interactive Touch Screen

View Towards Shoe Testing Area and Dressing Rooms

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