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Wee were excited to work with the amazing team at Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) on their new strategy Plan Forward: Communities That Work.”  Aside from our interest in being part of delivering such an important document to Chicago and beyond, our team was inspired by the research process. Now with a deeper understanding of past and ongoing efforts by CHA and it's supporters, weetu is left with a greater appreciation of the passion and hard work behind our headquarters city.

Learn more and download the Plan.

Thanks to the wee team including Carly Cannell, Amanda Carlson, Jorge Orozco-Cordero and Linnea Gits.



CHICAGO, IL – weetu was called upon to lay stature to a new housing plan for Chicago’s future -- Plan Forward: Communities That Work.”  The implementation of this new strategy expands on the foundation laid by the Plan for Transformation, the largest redevelopment/rehabilitation of public housing in the history of the United States.

Working closely with the Chicago Housing Authority, weetu helped summarize several years of comprehensive stakeholder information gathering and planning while designing what will become a landmark document upon its public release in April of 2013. Utilizing it’s design, research and strategy expertise, weetu gave structure to the content making the information accessible to a wide range of viewers both graphically and comprehensively.

The 3 primary goals of Plan Forward were to:
1. Re-imagine the final phase of the Plan for Transformation,
2. Ensure that CHA’s housing portfolio is safe, decent and sustainable, and
3. Expand services to more residents, targeted to their needs, and at critical milestones in their lives. 

“Our team was excited to be part of something this impacting for Chicago,” said Carly Cannell, President of weetu. “Our efforts are only an extension of the amazing work and effort put forward by the team at the Chicago Housing Authority.”

Plan Forward: Communities that Work can be found by visiting

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