Monday, August 18, 2008

CS Interiors - WEE on Wheels

Super thanks to CS Interiors magazine for tracking us down and including us in their summer-2008 issue. As we continue to plug away at developing new concepts, it's excellent to get a little attention in our own backyard. We look forward to sharing more of what happens in our wee-studio perching over the city on the west side.

(For those of you who know us and had quite a giggle over the "duo of cool" header - knowing quite well the truth behind the spoofy poses and dark sunglasses - give us a break...okay? My grandma loved it and has it stuck to her cork board next to her recliner.)


  1. My goodness you bitches are hot. I mean, I like you for your brains.

  2. nice bike.... ms. lovefurnace. I was ahead of the curve with all that bike stuff. Nice pic of you and bart. but... isn't that the past?... or.. is the walnut ranch back in the fam.


    p-daddy ore-gone


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