Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Carly Baracks the VOTE!

I woke up this morning with a hard case of obamarama. It was neither itchy or painful, but the fever did get me out of bed prior to the alarm going off (and the 3 snoozes that typically follow). That's a first! Most comparable a feeling could resemble that of Christmas morning - a sense of anticipation and excitement for what could be. Did I get the shiny pink bike with banana seat or did I get shafted with a 12 pack of white tube socks?

i've never been particularly political... but the ridiculousness of the past 8 years has certainly insisted that we all pay more attention. This is a time critically in need of a makeover. As relieved as I am to see the campaign end, I'm shy to admit that I did fall in love a little. Not with a man, and ESPECIALLY not with a woman, but a little in love with the American dream. Hope and inspiration? Obama brung it. He got my vote. Tina Fey? Thanks for making scary be funny again.

Perhaps I'm just drunk on voting, but the studio is closing early today to enjoy not only the amazing weather, but the energy of Chicago. GO VOTE! And especially GOBAMA!

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