Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sometimes I Understand Teen Fads

I find it very hard to understand the Jonas Brothers phenomenon. Sure they're cute - but are they really that cute? No. They're talented, but are they that talented? Anyone who has been forced to watch them during an awards show knows the answer is a very painful "hells to the no". Are they better than average teenagers because they pledge to keep their virginity until they are married? Oooh and we laaaaughed. The only way these boys are following that oath is by saddlebacking.

Enter The Veronicas, an aussie band comprised of twin sisters (Jess and Lisa) who actually have real talent. They are sugary pop with a bit of rock grit - and they are as cute as they come. Could this be? Could I be turning into a teeny-bop fangirl? It's entirely possible. I don't think it has to be the guiltiest of pleasures.

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  1. chubby jones is my hero. i want to see more chub.


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