Friday, February 6, 2009

light and space

The simple magic of this building type amazes me every time - facing frost bite like conditions and under dressed for sure, we just couldn't take our eyes and cameras off the late winter sun coming through the clerestory windows.  What a place!  The project is steel stacks in the former Bethlehem steel site, schematic design released soon. Check out more images on flickr if you're interested:

A big shout out to the zoo - nice stuff going on around here!


  1. I agree the SteelStacks project in Bethlehem, Pa is a place where history, culture and the arts intersect to provide an atmosphere for creative experiences. The iconic blast furnances and the solid old structures provide the backdrop for artistic expression. To find out more about SteelStacks log on to

  2. Right on the money KIm, hope all is well and see you thursday at your event. The auto photo loader isn't working but you can see my steel photos on Flickr.



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