Friday, July 31, 2009


With open hearts and booze in hand, Carly and Mia took on The 44th Ward Dinner Party hostage in an effort to raise funds for DIFFA. We're not sure if it was their heavy pours or the excess of cleavage but the two raised almost $800 in a mere two hours. They are considering quitting their day jobs. Special thanks to the peeps at The 44th Ward Dinner Party and everyone that came out to support and oggle.


  1. nice job, ladies.

    where/how/what is the purpose of DIFFA?

    as a non-profit, where does most their funding go, yo?


  2. btw, DIFFA's website is infested w/ virus.

    i've tried many times to checkout their site -- my Vware updates by the minute.

    if ya know anyone from their organization, ya might want to somehow get word to their webfolk.

    here's the error text:

    HTML:Allaple-A [Wrm]

  3. DIFFA raises money for heavily vetted AIDS-related charities. Basically, the money goes to outreach education, housing for those infected with HIV/AIDS or their families. Counseling for those infected along with their families along with kitchens that provide food for low-income HIV/AIDS patients.

    The DIFFA Chicago website is ok, I haven't checked out corporate though!


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