Friday, July 24, 2009

Textiles gone wild

weetu decided to expand their knowledge of fabrics by attending Texworld USA in New York last week. Texworld USA is an exhibit of over 135 fabric companies from around the world.

It's always good to branch out and see what is happening in other creative industries – and we were very excited to see what the fabric collections were going to be for Fall/Winter 2010/2011.

The result? We have to admit - we are a bit depressed. We'd show you the pictures we took, but we don't want to depress you too. Lets just say that when you go shopping next year for some new hip clothes for fall you'll be selecting from cream-whites, chalk and camel colors, dusty tones like old rose and our favorite - taupe! Will that color ever go away?

If you are wondering where to purchase metallic zebra prints - weetu can tell you!

We discovered some new light-weight fabrics, interesting 3D and translucent materials, and learned about the challenges of creating eco-friendly textiles. Did you know that there is no set standard in the industry for environmental certification? For instance, manufacturers that claim their materials are organic might not have the processes in place to track the materials through the supply chain. It is difficult to trace how the raw fiber was created and what the chemical processes were to create the finished garment.

This trip was a good reminder that when selecting textiles or other finish materials, we really need to be diligent in researching where the material comes from. Go beyond what the manufacturer's sales people are telling you.

What industry is weetu checking out next? I'm looking for what's new in gourmet chocolate creations - does anyone know where that convention is?

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