Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Edit Suh-Weet

Ah, it is so nice to be recognized. Even when it is outside your field. Even when it is for the work of others. Even when recognition requires no more than submission and patience.

FinalCutters,, a website for Final Cut Pro editors has been running a "Rig of the Day" page and last Sunday, they featured mine. With a folding desk conceived (vaguely) by me, designed (entirely) by Daniel Knobloch and built (ably) by Jason Meyer, this is truly a zoo production.

With the bulk of the computer gear hidden away in the closet and a Murphy bed on the wall opposite the collapsable desk, the space happily can serve double duty as edit suite and guest bedroom. The one shot on the FinalCutters site doesn't truly do the room justice so here are a few more hi-rez photos of the entire setup.

Not a bad view for the third floor.

You'll notice no keyboard or mouse. All work is done by sheer gastrointestinal fortitude.

I really am going to have to put some books on those shelves one of these days.
And maybe get a face.

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