Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good People Everywhere

Small, furry zoo editor, Martin Nelson is sending Good People your way. That is, at least, if your way is in Anaheim, CA, Birmingham, AL or Chicago, IL.

Good People, a twisty little 25-minute film made with some of Chicago's top talent in front of and behind the camera was co-produced, cut and mixed by Martin (if you want to know about the rest of the cast or crew go find their blogs, jeez. Or email Martin; he'll probably help you out). The film played to whoops and hollers at the Santa Fe Film Festival earlier this year, to guffaws and harumphs at Indie Fest USA in Disneyland this past Monday, August 24th and will screen, undoubtedly to yodeling and spontaneous line dancing, at both the 11th Annual Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival in Birmingham in September and the 45th Annual Chicago International Film Festival this October in, well, Chicago.

Martin is particularly excited about the Birmingham show because much of his "what-is-it-you-do-again?" family lives there and can now be unclear about his career first hand and on a large screen. He's particularly excited about the Chicago show because he won't have to buy plane tickets for the entire weetu zoo to come along. You all can come too.

Here's the trailer:

Trailer edited by zoo animal Justin Edwards with just a little help from Martin Nelson
Ain't that a kick in the head?

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