Monday, March 17, 2014


As the good book of Guinnessis says [Chapter 12 FL OZ, Verse 40% Alcohol], "honor thy farmers". Because without farmers, there is no such thing as beer (and that's just un-American!).

Without Farmers, one in particular, there would also be no such thing as weetu Carly! Born and raised a farmers daughter in Northern California, Carly knows a thing or two about getting her hands dirty and working a long day outside in the summer heat. Though she did not follow in her fathers footsteps, many of her childhood buddies did, including, Bill Weller. 

Successful farmer and founder of Farmers Brewing Company (FBC), Bill invited weetu to create their very first label design and logo. With craft brewing on the rise, Farmers takes the unique approach of mastering a delicious and refreshing light beer. FBC started, like make great ideas, as a passionate side project. Brewed with 100% American farm grown grains and hops, this refreshing light beer is hand crafted to satiate a hard days work in the hot Californian sun. Put your lips on a Farmers today!

Prototype body label: The back would feature FBC fan submitted farm photos.
Well, not exactly today, as the brand and brewing company are still in the developing stages. Wee thought wee'd share the prototype in honor of Chicago's favorite beer drinking holiday. The brand will continue to develop with each new brew and one day will be on the shelves for lucky Americans to enjoy. Until then, Happy St. Patricks Day from the Chirish half of weetu. What better way to celebrate than to pass the beer! 

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