Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Cornelius Atrium, looking towards Entry
As you roll into the 7-11 for your daily caffeine fix, have you every noticed anything but the refreshing carbonated beverage or juicy frozen deliciousness coming out of the nozzle? Chances are, you haven’t. Somewhere out there, that nozzle, and everything else it’s attached to, is highly engineered by a creative and technical team. Turns out, a significant part of that team resides just outside Chicago. 

Cornelius is the world's leading supplier of beverage dispense and cooling equipment. They manufacture and market an extensive range of beverage dispense systems for soft drinks, juices, teas, frozen drinks and more, as well as ice makers and a complete line of accessories. Their products are the choice of the world’s leading beverage brand owners, restaurants, convenience stores and hospitality chains. 

View towards Conference Room with translucent graphics. It's like meeting in a giant glass of water. 
Cornelius is the world leader of drinks machines, to the world’s leading drinks machine users. Why should the people who work so hard to make Cornelius the world’s leading supplier of beverage dispense and cooling equipment have to be subjected to a sterile working environment? They deserved better and that’s why weetu was awarded with the challenge of enlivening their corporate interiors. 

Other than the established blue and gray color palette, weetu started from scratch in creating a visual design for the client, and with only a month from creation to installation, time was not a luxury. 

Inspired by machine-era industrial design posters (Yes, movie buffs, the visual of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis that just flashed across your brain is spot-on),  weetu paid homage to the technical complexities of getting all the moving parts to work in sync, by casting the humble line in the starring role. There wasn’t a better design muse for this project and Tiffany Tiano, a Marketing Specialist at Cornelius thinks so, too: “Our graphics look great, they really added just the right pop of color and inspiration to the space!"

Views looking down from the mezzanine

Reception Lounge
Entry Wall with Mission Statement
Special thanks to N'dio for the translucent graphics at all glass locations and Speedpro Imaging for all drywall applied graphics. Both companies are good people, extremely talented and professional.

Photography by Tyler Mallory . Thanks T!


  1. Looks really great. Love it!! Thirsty already!

  2. I agree with the line in the post - "Why should the people...have to be subjected to a sterile working environment?" I like the industrial design poster look. Nice work weetu!

  3. Happy you like it Maron! Thanks for the post.


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