Tuesday, June 24, 2014


weetu7anniversary from weeTV on Vimeo.

Let's celebrate 7 years of creating! If we had to compare ourselves to one of the seven deadly sins, we'd be pride. We're proud of our work, and proud that we've helped our clients tell their story in ways they like to brag about. This admission will probably doom us to the least desirable of the seven levels of purgatory, but it's worth the risk. We’re looking forward to many more years of taking chances. 

7 years at a glance: Interiors, architecture, landscapes, deskscapes, truck shows, competitions, world exploration, logos, websites, photos, videos, branded environments, terror and culture (not at the same time), fashion, plant lamps, teachers, learners, explorers, Fulton Market Chicago to Garment District NYC. Blue hair, green hair, pink hair, purple hair……….no hair. Brazil, West Coast, East Coast, Middle Coast. Bangkok, Berlin, Toronto. What’s ahead for weetu? Still getting our hands dirty, more neon (hey- we started it), translucent synthetic materials and very soon the launch of a brand new website! 

Thanks to our clients, collaborators, friends and family for seven great years. Here’s to 7+ more!

Our cupcakes are on fire! 
Get your taste buds watering with weetupcakes, an inedible treat that's easy to make, and even easier to destroy. Here's a list of ingredients to a culinary sensation that will definitely not sweep the nation. 

Birthday cupcake recipe:
Black poster board
Black construction paper 
White colored pencil
Double sided transparent tape
WD-40 or any reliable accelerant
Cigarette lighter or matches [who said to not play with matches?]
A bucket of water can be substituted for a fire extinguisher

Special thanks to Tyllie Barbosa for an afternoon of talent and patience- a photographer who makes her living taking gorgeous pictures of actual food. See for yourself at tylliebarbosa.com 
Also many thanks to weetuzooer, Amy Turilli for playing with fire and putting our little video together.

[Director of Architecture, Kevin Estrada + weetu Founder, Carly Cannell]
Celebrating in style in NYC. Cheers to another 7+ more years!


  1. I don't think you know how to treat a cupcake....
    Happy Anniversary Carly, so glad you are still going strong!!!!

  2. GREAT video celebration! I love it!!! And, am so proud to be a team member of weetu :) Love, from another '7', Barbara.


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